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The iSucker.....she's a star!!!

The life of the iSucker has been full of adventure.  Making her debut on a local Fox news station in November of 2012 she's been busy with media appearance ever since.  January of 2012 the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featured the iSucker in the Eureka Park (start up division) of the show.  People lined up to see the product and awed at it's ergonomic design and loved how it really did make it easier to hold your iPad or tablet.  

In the Spring of 2013 the iSucker took a 10 city tour with Steve Greenberg, Innovation Insider.  There Steve showcased our iPad/tablet accessory on morning shows across the Nation. 

In the summer of 2013 the iSucker was featured on the fun and entertaining morning show on Fox2 News featuring Tim Ezell.  What a fun time had by all and an awesome kick off to our summer.

Later in the Summer the iSucker was featured in the Belleville News Democrat.  This story helped launch our retail market and to help drive customers to the retail stores.  The story was then syndicated and heard through out the US. 

Check out the media links.  We like to thank everyone for helping to get the iSucker off the ground.  I hope to be updating more travel links of the iSucker.  It's been fun!

iSucker video reelThe iSucker Debut Fox2 - November 2012

ipad accessory tablet holder standSteve Greenberg Nationwide tour- ABC Action News - Tampa Bay

ipad tablet accessory holder standSteve Greenberg Nationwide tour - KHOU Houston, Texas

ipad tablet accessory stand holderSteve Greenberg Nationwide tour - WFAA Dallas, Texas

ipad tablet accessory holder standFox2 News St. Louis - Tim Ezell Morning show

ipad tablet accessory holder standBelleville News Democrat

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